Television Script Archive

The Annenberg Television Script Archive houses over 50, 000 American television scripts. About 35,000 of these are for prime-time television; the other 15,000 (approximately) are afternoon soap operas. Researchers should note that these materials can only be viewed onsite.

TV  Guide Prime-Time Collection

The prime-time collection consists of series, movies, specials and pilots aired on ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox from 1976  to the mid-90s. The scripts came to the School from the offices of TV Guide through an ongoing gift agreement between Walter Annenberg and the Annenberg School. Holdings are listed here:

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Agnes Nixon Soap Opera Collection

The daytime soap opera materials are comprised of the Agnes Nixon Soap Opera Collection–scripts from series written by Ms. Nixon (All My Children, Another World, Loving, As the World Turns, and One Life to Live) from 1954 into the 1980s. These scripts were donated to the School by the author. In addition, the Archive continues its All My Children holdings from 1986-1998. Holdings are listed here:

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