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Search over 2300 articles, chapters, and books on the history of media and communication research. Download the full bibliography (BibTeX library, 2.4 MB). The bibliography carries a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license and is maintained by Jeff Pooley.

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1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s adorno advertising art asia audience-research australia austria autobiographical basr bcccs biographical birmingham broadcasting canada carey chicago-school children china citation-analysis classic-work-treatment cold-war columbia communication-education communication-theory consumer-culture critical critical-administrative criticism cultural-studies cultural-theory cybernetics dewey digital disciplinarity dissertation economics education europe externalist feminist-scholarship film film-studies film-theory foundations france frankfurt-school funding game-studies gender general germany government hall historiography history hoggart illinois industry-research information-theory innis institutional intellectual intercultural-communication interdisciplinarity internalist international-communication internationalization internet interpersonal-communication interwar journal journalism journalism-education journalism-history journalism-school katz kittler kracauer lasswell latin-america lazarsfeld lippmann literature literature-review market-research marketing marxism mass-communication mass-culture-debate mass-society mcluhan media-effects media-history media-policy media-theory medium-analysis memorial memory merton methodology military nineteenth-century oral-history organizational-communication orr pedagogy philosophy political-communication political-economy political-science political-theory popular-culture postwar powerful-to-limited-effects pragmatism professional-association progressive-thought propaganda propaganda-analysis psychology public-controversy public-opinion-research public-relations race radical radio review-essay rhetoric rockefeller schiller schramm small-groups social-theory sociology sociology-of-science speech speech-education technology television united-kingdom united-states visual-communication western-marxism williams world-war-ii